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Trusted Assessor - Accredited

Course Aims

The Trusted Assessor learning programme has been developed as part of the Government initiative to improve community services and was funded by the Department of Health. The Programmes are aimed at ensuring that Practitioners are suitably Qualified and experienced and can identify needs through a process of consultation with the individual and ensure timely provision and effective solutions.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course learners will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of the Trusted Assessor Competencies and the contribution that application of those competencies will make to independent living
  • Apply a person-centred approach to providing effective solutions that suit individual's needs
  • Through listening to individuals, identify barriers to their independence and provide effective solutions to removing those barriers
  • Identify and demonstrate the use of products designed to give independence and understand how non-routine solutions can also contribute to a person's independence.


Following the workshops learners will also be required to submit a practice file relevant to workshop topics, which is designed to meet specific learning outcomes. Learners will provide evidence from work-based activities to meet Open College Network West Midlands assessment criteria to achieve the aware.


Course content

Unit 1 - The Principles of Person-Centred Practice

The unit looks at a person-centred assessment, considering priorities, aspirations, preferences and choice, with respect for the individual's values. The workshop will focus on people who have health conditions which impact on daily living, the barriers they face and products or solutions which may help them maintain independence.

Assessor Key Skills: Understanding the values and principles underpinning best practice. 

Level: 2

Open College Network West Midlands Credits: 2

Guideline learning hours: 16 (3 hours workshop, 13 hours completion of practice file)


Unit 2 - Enabling Independent Living 

The unit explores the importance of activity, the factors which influence it and how activity related to the person's role within the family and wider society. Learners will look at "task analysis" for a range of daily activities and explore what physical and cognitive skills a person needs to carry them out.

Assessor Key Skills: Reflecting on the impact of interventions.

Level: 2

Open College Network West Midlands Credits: 2

Guideline learning hours: 16 (4 hours workshop, 12 hours completion of practice file)


Unit 3 - The constraints and influences of the environment on functional Ability

The unit explores environmental barriers which may have an impact on a person's daily life, and on how equipment is used. Learners will identify situations where the environment affects a person's ability to live independently and consider equipment or other solutions which could overcome environmental barriers.

Assessor Key Skills: Legislation, its relevance to equipment provision, and anti-discriminatory practice.

Level: 2

Open College Network West Midlands Credits: 2

Guideline learning hours: 16 (4 hours workshop, 12 hours completion of practice file)


Unit 4 - Assistive Technology and Independent Living.

The unit looks at how the learner can use the Assessment Model as part of an evidence-based practice to support decision making and use flexible approaches to find solutions to problems. Learners will consider a range of products or other solutions such as minor adaptations, identifying they are fitted and the benefits of each item to the person they are assessing.

Assessor Key Skills: Understanding legal and ethical responsibilities in relation to health and safety, risk management and eligibility criteria.

Level: 2

Open College Network West Midlands Credits: 2

Guideline learning hours: 16 (4 hours workshop, 12 hours completion of practice file)


Quality Assurance 

Following a visit from Open College Network West Midlands, Conrad Thompson ILP have been awarded continuous direct claims for our accredited Trusted Assessor course. 

This means ILP do not need to wait for Open College Network West Midlands to verify learner results. 

Direct Claims status is awarded where Open College Network West Midlands are assured that a Centre's processes are robust. Therefore, as a Centre with Direct Claims, ILP are responsible for ensuring that the results uploaded are accurate. ILP are also responsible for ensuring that our assessment processes continue to be underpinned by robust Internal Quality Assurance arrangements. Open College Network West Midlands will annually monitor our assessment and internal quality assurance processes, any concerns will lead to the removal of Direct Claims. 

Karen Strefford has been nominated to be the lead IQA at our Centre. The Lead IQA is responsible for ensuring IQAs:

  • Are competent and qualified to carry out their roles.
  • Undertake regular CPD to maintain the currency of their IQA practice.
  • Have inductions to ensure they comply with Open College Network West Midlands processes and procedures.
  • Participate in Internal and if requested, external standardisation.
  • Sample assessment practice and agreeing improvements where needed.
  • Provide support for assessors.
  • Pre-verify assessment prior to being issued to learners.
  • Maintain current, accurate records of IQA including planning IQA, undertaking IQA, improving assessment practice through agreed actions.
  • Promote equality and diversity.
  • Make available records of assessment and IQA, including samples of learners' work to the EQA as required.


Trusted Assessor - Accredited

£399.00 per person + VAT

Recommended Refresher date 2 years

Course Code TA10

Accredited by Open College Network West Midlands at Level 2


01743 250 820

01743 250 826



The course can be delivered at an appropriate venue of your choice (facilitator travel and accommodation expenses may apply), or at ILP's Training Suite in Shrewsbury which has onsite parking and cafe facilities at a date to suite you.

Where 30 or more course places are booked, ILP may negotiate a discount to facilitate travel and accommodation expenses (where applicable).

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