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Launch of new ILP website

Welcome to the new online look for ILP. The site is still undergoing some development and hope to add a full products section soon. The site has been designed for easy accessibility and visibility, however we are always keen to improve this. If you have any comments regarding the new look of the website or suggestions to improve then please let us know.

please let us know by contacting us on 01743 250 820 or email


ILP Equipment hire at its highest

Many of our customers are experiencing the benefits of hiring our stock of wheelchairs and wheeled walkers during this busy summer period. But with the weather at its best we've seen in years, it looks like summer will continue a while longer. If you are in need of a wheelchair or wheeled walker for a planned trip out, then ILP are here to help. We hire the equipment for £15 a week or parts of, however price can be negotiated for a day hire or a lengthy hire for more than 4 weeks.

Please contact David on 01743 250 820 or email for more details


New Summer Deals

ILP sales and foot health clinic are working in partnership to give you the best of both services. We will be offering a discount to all new foot health clinic customers who spend £30 or more with ILP sales. Customers will save £10 as a new customer for our foot health clinic with this offer. Offer ends September 28th.

A reminder to all those out there unsure on what wheelchair or wheeled walker to purchase this summer. ILP offer a try before you buy scheme. With this deal you may hire the equipment for £15 for the week, try it out at home and make a decision on purchasing. If you do decide to buy equipment, ILP will supply a brand-new wheelchair or walker with the sales price reduced by £15, so you don't lose out.


New staff members at ILP

We are pleased to announce as of June 2018 we will be having 2 new staff members join our expanding team. 

Sophie Rogers

Sophie will be joining as our new Duty Officer. Sophie will be answering the phone and responding to most initial enquiries including making appointments both for our Occupational Therapy Service and for our Foot Health Clinic. 

Dean Small

Dean will be starting as a new Independent Living Worker. Dean will be visiting those in housing crisis needs offering support with re-housing and legal advice on housing needs.