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What is VAT exemption?

VAT exemption can be found on various products, this can be due to certain conditions of the buyer or the product that is being sold. In the case of Independent Living Partnership (ILP), many of the products we sell are aimed at those with long term disabilities and the products are defined to help with managing their disability. The Government helps by not taxing the sale, ensuring the consumer is paying a cheaper price to get the equipment they need.  


Which products are exempt and which are not?

If the product is designed with the sole intention of helping someone manage their disability, then normally that product is exempt from VAT. Though there are some instances where this may not apply. Normally this would be a product that benefits someone to manage their disability but could also be used for different reasons by another. For example, a recliner chair may elevate the legs of someone to help with Lymphedema but may also be used for comfort by someone else.  

ILP don't decide which products are VAT exempt and which are not. There is no benefit by ILP from a product without VAT exemption. Any added cost from VAT goes directly to HMRC.

So that you know what is or what isn't VAT exempt, we have clearly labelled the products, see the below example.


How do I qualify for VAT exemption?

If the product is eligible for VAT exemption and you have a long-term disability or terminally ill, then you will qualify. We just need you to complete the VAT exemption form on check out stating your disability and you're all done. This can also be declared if you are purchasing on behalf of someone who has a long-term disability. Short-term illness or disability such as recovering from a fracture would not qualify.  


0% Rated for VAT

Incontinence products are zero rated you will not be required to make a declaration for these items.


False claims

It is an offense to make a false declaration for VAT exemption. If you are unsure, please contact us on 01743 250 820 for advice.

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